An Introduction to the Huckins Gurnet 36 by Olsen Marine


First and foremost, the Gurnet 36’ is light, seaworthy, fast and efficient. Twin engines provide maneuverability, safety and high speed. Located at the transom, the engines are quiet, easily accessed, yet out of the way. With standard power, the boat begins to plane at 8 knots, has fully planing cruising speeds from twelve knots to twenty-six, and a top speed of about twenty-eight knots. The hull has a warped Quadraconic bottom providing a soft ride over a wide range of speeds, with better stability at displacement speeds and at rest than a deep V-bottom. Full bow sections provide superb buoyancy, with plenty of room below decks. The hull has good freeboard, allowing room and security for passengers. Carefully designed chines minimize spray.  A well-designed superstructure protects the operator and passengers from the elements, yet affords excellent visibility. Since the boat planes easily, there is little change in running angle as speed increases resulting in no visibility problems. Trim tabs are not necessary. Because the boat is designed and built to be light, relatively little power is needed to achieve a given speed making the boat economical to run. The exterior is painted fiberglass, with just enough bright work so maintenance costs are minimal. The Gurnet 36’ is designed to meet the needs of the person who would like to own a fine yacht.


Comfort is an important component of a successful boat. The Gurnet 36’ can be designed to meet an individual customer’s wishes, the basic design provides full standing room throughout. A stateroom forward includes sleeping comfort for two, as well as storage space for their belongings. A galley with propane stove, refrigerator, hot and cold water, and plenty of lockers is included in the standard design. A head, with sufficient space for a shower, is provided. The stateroom, galley and head have large opening windows, allowing plenty of light and air. On deck, facing forward and protected from wind, spray and direct sun, are seats for four people, with excellent visibility. Windshields open for a little breeze and have wipers and washers. Further aft, is a large cockpit area, part of which is protected by a beautiful fixed roof open to the sides. In this area, the owner may have a settee-berth, folding chairs, a picnic table or any number of amenities. Part of the cockpit is completely open, for full sunshine, fishing , or sun bathing. Access to the forward deck is easy, with wide side decks and plenty of hand holds. An anchor, with chain and line stows in its own locker at the bow. The engines, wiring and plumbing are easily accessible. The boat is designed to be as simple as possible, with a minimum of complicated gadgets requiring constant attention. The Gurnet 36’ is laid out to be not only comfortable, but also practical.


In summary, the Gurnet 36’ is designed to be seaworthy, efficient, comfortable, practical and beautiful with its historic lines and spacious cockpit. The Gurnet 36 is like no other boat on the market.




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