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Short on Skilled Woodworkers? And Shorter Still on Time?

We have a solution for you...

Olsen Marine offers precision woodworking completed quickly, efficiently and accurately.


Our Precision Woodworking Technology can help you quickly and accurately meet your specifications using Wood, MDF, PVC, Corian, Lexan or Aluminum Surfaces:

• Circular and Elliptical Window Casings

• Custom Balusters and Brackets

• Custom MDF & PVC Designs and Cutouts

• Mold Stations, Templates and Patterns

• Cabinetry, Bases and Bin Parts, Book Cases and Shelving Units

• Custom Garage Door Panels, Trellises and Swim Platforms

• Solid Surface Shaping

• Curves of all Kinds

• Louver Mortises and Shutters

• 2 1/2 and 3-D Decorative Cuttings and Carvings

• Precision Hole Drilling and Dado Cutting

• Custom Signs


We can work from existing CAD drawings, templates or produce drawings to meet your requirements. The potential for adding unique, repetitive custom details to your home designs are endless.


Some other examples of time saving items we have produced for customers include:

• Fireplace molding trims

• Custom cutout fence design and balusters

• Custom shaped light switch plates

• Built-in headboards

• Custom patterned rafter ends

• Louvered shutters

• Azek gingerbread and lattice trim

• Custom shaped trellises


Please tour some of our projects and galleries in the other tabs and view samples of pieces we have produced.


From Drawing

to a Finished


About our Router


Olsen Marine’s CNC Router System is a 5ft x 12ft table, Multi Cam Advanced 3-D-3-Axis Router with 10hp motor and full surfacing capabilities.


After 25 years of boatbuilding, we have found the CNC Router to be very beneficial for our yacht construction, but it has also opened up a new direction to apply our woodworking expertise in the building industry. We have found we are able to reduce the production time of our parts by increasing efficiency of construction, and at the same time, by improving the precision we are able to improve the quality of our product substantially.


We would be happy to talk to anyone that may be interested in making precision parts, patterns, or molds. We have been very successful working with other boat shops and woodworking finish shops and builders making mold stations, centerboards, rudders, custom cabinetry and trim pieces, and even furniture for other businesses in the area at quite a savings to them. We are able to read existing Cad Cam programs or trace a custom design or pattern into the machine.


If you would like a demo please feel free to give us a call and set up an appointment.

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